Helping our youth understand the circumstances they face personally.




How we work

Educational Workshops

Dorill Initiative will offer educational workshops that will teach our youth and bring awareness to the patterns of injustice they face personally in society, history and culture. We will use these workshops to help our youth build a platform, develop their own individual voice and create multi-media based works to tell their stories. The importance of these workshops are to nurture the talents many of our youth have while keeping in mind the relationship between art and activism and to show how art has the ability to change lives.  


Community Outreach

Dorill Initiative created a project called, The Dorill Project, and the main purpose of this project is to connect our youth with other local organizations within their communities to encourage our participants to volunteer and complete community service hours. The importance of this project is to build and create unity within our local communities to help address some of the bigger issues our youth have to face in society. 

The Dorill Project participated at the 2013 Aids Walk in New York City. 

The Dorill Project participated at the 2013 Aids Walk in New York City. 



Through Dorill Initiative, Tareake will work with professional artists to present the work being developed within the organization and to help shed a light on the social issues we all face in society today. The creative arts are meant to anchor us and the importance of the performance aspect of the organization is to present thought-provoking work to evoke conversation to help us develop solutions to the problems we face as a human race.  

Dorill's main goal is to show how local changes make a global impact.




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