"The Dorill Initiative is committed to producing multi-media based projects that help support the idea that art has the ability to change lives. We strive to be versatile and innovative, but most importantly bring an awareness to the social issues. The priority of Dorill Initiative is to reflect this vision through works, outreach programs, staff and emerging artists.

We are in the process of creating a performing arts company that will showcase thought-provoking works through nationwide performances and national tours. We strive to enrich the lives of others through these many projects and volunteer work. We envision a school that can empower our communities through education and outreach programs (i.e. Master Classes, Workshops, Q&A Discussions, Volunteer work and Tutoring).

The main goal for the Dorill Initiative is to offer a platform for other young artists to join our family and find their voice to become better leaders and help this organization create a more positive environment. "

-Tareake Dorill Ramos, Founder and President