The mission of Dorill Initiative is to focus on multi-ethnic pre-teens and young adults living in underserved communities by training the next generation of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders through the performing arts. Through educational and mentorship programs, we are committed to bringing awareness to social issues and its effects on our world today. We will educate, motivate, and empower our youth to set higher standards for themselves and stay focused on pursuing their dreams. Dorill members perceive opportunity, foster the development of self-confidence, make smart relationship choices, grow academically, value health and wellness, and have the ability to attend college or enter the workforce fully prepared. 


Tareake Dorill Ramos  

Tareake Dorill Ramos,  Founder, Executive and Artistic Director

Tareake Dorill Ramos founded Dorill Initiative to empower our youth to reach for their dreams and bring awareness to social issues and its effects on our world today through the power of art. Tareake has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts . He graduated from the Professional Performing Arts High School in 2013. Mr. Ramos participated in many different art organizations like Dancing Classrooms, Rosie's Theater Kids and the Maria Torres Emerging Artists Foundation. He competed in ballroom dancing for 6 years and was an original company member of the Dancing Classrooms Youth Dance Company. He was a part of Rosies Theater Kids for 8 years and graduated from the program in 2013. Mr. Ramos founded Dorill Initiative in June of 2014. Tareake's mission is to bridge the gap between this divided world and to inspire young leaders of tomorrow to affect change in their lives, communities and the world. 

April Rivera  

April Rivera,  Co-Founder, Program Director

April Rivera has been with Dorill Initiative since its inception in 2014.  As the Chief Operating Officer, she has participated in the founding vision of the organization and has led the development of Dorill Initiative's strategic and fundraising plans.  Her goals are to build a solid foundation upon which Dorill Initiative can grow and flourish.  As a mother of three, she knows how important it is to have programs and services available for our children.  April believes that Dorill Initiative has the capacity to reach so many young people and help change their lives through the arts.  The goal is that Dorill Initiative will provide a platform for our younger generation, but also create an environment  that celebrates diversity and is an environment full of learning, dreaming, and achieving.