The mission of Dorill Initiative is to bring awareness to and address social issues that affect our youth through educational workshops and performances centered around the performing arts. Our primary purpose is to emphasize knowledge of self as a means of empowering our participants and supporting them to understand the circumstances they face personally as connected and related to patterns of injustice in society, history, and culture. We will mobilize our younger generation as innovative artists, activists, and advocates who create, embrace and engage a lyrical and socially conscious spectrum of activities throughout the community, on and off the stage sparked by a heartfelt passion for moral and ethical justice based on the true principles of equality.





The vision of Dorill Initiative is to shift the perspective within our communities by helping our younger generation realize their own agency and potential to impact their surroundings. 


2016 UNCSA Emerging Choreographers Choreographer: Tareake Ramos, Music Composed by: Zach Mackey, Spoken Word by: Tony Jenkins

“We have the ability to bring people together using our art, to incite conversation, and empower people to use their voice.”

Tareake Ramos  |  Founder


In 2011, Tareake directed and choreographed a project called, Take a Stand Against Diabetes, in which he organized a group of friends and performed about an hour show filled with spoken word, music, and dance to bring awareness to diabetes. The proceeds from this performance went to the American Diabetes Association. Tareake then organized a performance called, One Voice / One World, in which he donated the proceeds from this performance to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief. It was these two efforts that led Tareake to create the Dorill Initiative because he wanted to develop an organization that not only nurtures the talents of our younger generation, but also teaches them the importance of being leaders, achieving their goals and giving back. 


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